Applying Biophysics to Alternative Medicine.

Quantum Biofeedback applies Biophysics to Alternative Medicine, approaching the person holistically. It is a conjugation of biofeedback, bioresonance and energy medicine. It is painless, non-invasive, it does not require the use of medication and it can be used as an alternative treatment alongside classical medicine.

It is based on the theory that emotional and physical stress * disrupts the inherent electromagnetic frequencies in the cells, tissues and organs of the body. By restoring these frequencies to their physical state, self-treatment is activated and physical and spiritual well-being are achieved.


*The determining role of emotional and physical stress on health.

Stress is the organism’s normal psychological and physical response against a threat or a demanding stimulus. Emotional and physical stress are often correlative, affecting each other. In this way, psychological stressors (interpersonal relationships, work, etc.) result in emotional stress, which in turn causes a series of physical reactions. Correspondingly, chemical and biological stressors (malnutrition, inflammation, hormonal imbalance, chronic diseases) create physical stress (strain of the organs, muscles, tissues, etc.), directly affecting the person’s everyday life and psychological state.

This way, a vicious circle is created which increasingly stresses the person’s health, weakens the immune system and causes serious health problems. Through Quantum Biofeedback, the disrupted electromagnetic field of the individual is detected, analyzed and balanced, in order to enhance his psychological and physical self-treatment.

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