Quantum Biofeedback is an alternative method of Energy Medicine that focuses on human energy and aims to re-coordinate its energy field, which is achieved through Biofeedback and Bioresonance.


Detection & visualization of psychophysiological functions.

Biofeedback theory was developed in the early 1970s and is defined as the process that enables the individual to be fully aware of his psychophysiological functions in order to strengthen or suppress them, aiming to the improvement of his or her health. Numerous modern biofeedback devices are used nowadays and they can record blood pressure, brain waves, skin temperature, muscle activity, etc., providing the individual with the corresponding information. The further active participation of the individuals and their training in the control of their biological functions can contribute positively to the treatment of various diseases.

Similarly, through the Quantum Biofeedback’s specialized device Eductor, the disturbed electromagnetic frequencies caused by various psychic and organic stressors in the body are detected. The recording and visualization of these electrical stimuli provides integrated information about the in-limit or out-limit levels of the person’s biological functions, who then can be trained, with personalized physical and mental exercises, in order to bring them back to the desired limits.


Re-coordination of biological electromagnetic waves.

Bioresonance is based on the scientifically proven principle that matter is energy. Accordingly, the human body is also energy, it has an electromagnetic field, it emits and receives electromagnetic waves, which are expressed by oscillations. The frequency of these oscillations is strictly defined.

Using the Eductor device, we can detect not only the normal body oscillations but also the distorted ones, which are then re-coordinated as to achieve physical and mental well-being. After all, that is the aim of Quantum Biofeedback: detecting the pathological signals caused by physical and organic stress and their reversion, activating at the same time the power of self-healing.

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